Mosquitaway are lavish flowering Angel Pelargoniums for both your home or garden. The strong citrus scent of these plants acts as a deterrent to mosquitoes which appear to dislike the lemony scent. Invite Mosquitaway Eva or Lizzy to your party or BBQ and uninvited mosquitoes will stay away!

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Lavish flowering

Mosquitaway is a combination of two Pelargonium species: scented leaf Pelargonium and Angel Pelargonium. In comparison to other scented leaf Pelargoniums, Mosquitaways are lavish flowering! 'Angels' basically have the appearance of a small Regal Pelargonium with serrated leaves and smaller flowers.

Mosquitaway varieties

Mosquitaway is available in two varieties named Eva and Lizzy. These upright bushy plants are rich flowering.

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Care tips

Mosquitaway is happiest in a light well-ventilated spot indoors or out. After the last night frost, the plant can be placed outside on the terrace or out in the garden. In a light spot Mosquitaway will continue to bloom and will reward you with beautiful flowers throughout the flowering season. Removing wilted flowers and leaves will encourage the plant to produce new flowers. Water regularly directly into the pot.

  • For inside and outside

  • Blooms from April until October

  • Fertalize 1x per 14 days

  • Moist the soil thoroughly

  • Inedible

  • Place in light to half shade


Mosquitaway will be available in garden centres from spring 2015. Do you want more information about Mosquitaway? Please contact us!

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